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emlexstudents2010 - emlexstudents2010

Subject: emlexstudents2010

Description: Dear EMLex students,

This is a new mailing list : its address is,
and its purpose is to broadcast information about the EMLex Master's course.
Il you send an e-mail to this list, all six EMLex students (the three in Erlangen and the three in Nancy) will receive it.
You can use it to inform the others of interesting news (about a course, about housing in Maribor, about a new dictionary...)
and to ask questions (for instance, if your homework is causing you headaches or if you need advice about a translation).
Only the students will see your messages: no teacher can subscribe to this list.
But of course the EMLex teachers will be able to use this list for sending messages to you all.

Olivier Servas ( and Eva Buchi ( are the administrators of this list,
but they would only look at a message if there was a problem with it.

Best wishes from Nancy, Olivier and Eva

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